The new CX270 shares with the CX280, from which it is derived, the elegant, versatile and convivial nature. The outboard configuration exhalts performance, without taking out the dynamic balance of lines. The interiors offer unchanged comfort, care for details and refinement of materials. A new sportive vibration has been simply added to the elements which have turned the CX range into a collection of Classics.

Lunghezza fuori tutto / Length overall: 8.1m
Larghezza massima fuori tutto / Maximum beam: 2,7m
Peso / Weight: 2450 kg
Portata massima / Capacity: 900 kg
Numero massimo di persone / Person capacity: b8 / c10
Velocità di crociera / Cruising speed: 25 kn
Velocità massima / Maximum speed: 44 kn
Potenza massima consentita / Maximum permitted power: 400 hp
Frigo / Fridge: 49 l
Serbatoio carburante / Fuel capacity: 530 l
Serbatoio acqua / Water capacity: 47 l
Materiali della stratifica scafo/coperta / Building material: Fibra di vetro / Fiber Glass
Design / Design: Christian Grande
Costruttore / Builder: Cantieri Aschenez

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